The work that the “Moving Forward” project will deliver unravels under five CLUSTERS in total, two horizontal (Cluster 0 and Cluster 4) and three core (Clusters 1,2 and 3).

Cluster 0: Management and Coordination establishes efficient and professional project management and coordination to ensure that the project meets its objectives and expected results.


Project leader: KMOP (Family and Childcare Centre)

Cluster 1: Technical Assistance Cluster which aims at strengthening the National Anti-Trafficking Coordination Mechanism in Kosovo so that the competent institutions are fully capacitated to fulfil their mandate in line with the National Strategy against Trafficking in Human Beings 2015 – 2019 and its Action Plan. To achieve this objective, the project consortium with KMOP in the lead will provide ongoing technical support to the National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator (NATC) and his Office (ONATC) in five main areas:

  • Organisational strengthening through formalization of the ONATC’s Terms of Reference
  • Operational strengthening through the establishment of a National Pool of Trainers on anti-trafficking issues
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Anti-Trafficking Strategy, including collection and management of relevant data
  • Optimization of cross-border cooperation through the establishment of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the Transnational Referral Mechanism for trafficked persons
  • Advancement of existing victim compensation and witness protection systems



Cluster 2: Rule-of-Law Capacity Building Cluster, which aims at enhancing the efficiency of law enforcement and judicial operations in combating trafficking in human beings by building their capacity in key areas of operation, in line with emerging trends and needs, as well as with recent policy reforms in the anti-trafficking field. This capacity building Cluster, under the coordination of EPLO (European Public Law Organization), will be implemented in two (2) successive phases:

  • Preparatory phase that involves the Training Needs Assessment exercise that will guide the definition of a tailor-made Training Plan for national and local rule-of-law institutions (law enforcement and judiciary authorities and agencies). The preparatory phase will be concluded with the development of the training materials that will be used in the next phase of Cluster 2 (implementation).
  • Implementation phase that will deliver the developed Training Plan through dedicated sessions both specialised for law enforcement officials and police officers and judicial staff (judges and prosecutors) and joint inter-institutional training sessions in an effort to boost inter-agency coordination and collaboration in the sector.



Cluster 3: Service Delivery and Reintegration Cluster, which encapsulates all activities and tasks related to the empowerment of local civil society in delivering advanced rehabilitation and long-term reintegration services to Victims of Trafficking (VoT) through the provision of tailor-made financial and technical support. The third Cluster builds around the design and accordingly rollout of a small-scale sub-grant mechanism for Civil Society Organisations providing services to victims/ presumed victims, along with dedicated capacity development activities to boost their capacity to deliver high quality social inclusion and reintegration services with special focus on psychological treatment.  Similar to the second cluster, two (2) phases are foreseen:

  • Preparatory phase that in the first instance involves the definition of a set of prototype social inclusion and long-term reintegration programmes for VoT based on which the Grant Scheme will be designed and local service providers will be trained on service provision methods and techniques.
  • Delivery phase that involves the full roll-out of the grant scheme for CSO service providers through a sequence of development, implementation and monitoring tasks, including the design of the Grant Call for Proposals based on identified priorities, capacity building of potential applicant service providers in seeking funding and accordingly launch, evaluation, award, monitoring and evaluation of the grant programme.

For the proper function of the Scheme, a dedicated Secretariat will run by KMOP that will undertake lead role during all stages of development and implementation in cooperation with the local partner, PVPT (Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings).



Cluster 4: Awareness Raising Cluster that is horizontal and thus runs through the whole project duration. This cluster is dedicated to the communication, information and awareness raising tasks with the aim to promote wide visibility of the project in general and the grant scheme specifically on the one hand and raise wide awareness on the fight against trafficking in human beings in Kosovo on the other. For the delivery of this Cluster the following two phases are planned.

  • Design phase which involves the definition of a Dissemination and Communication plan along with a comprehensive monitoring framework that will determine the types of activities that will be implemented under the next phase and the way they will be monitored throughout project implementation
  • Implementation phase that involves in the first instance the preparation of the communication and visibility materials and accordingly the implementation of the planned activities with focus on two annual awareness raising campaigns in cooperation with the NATC/ONATC.

For more information on the planned activities under the five Clusters click here