Local Partner: PVPT

Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings – PVPT

Mission Statement

The Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings (PVPT) is an independent non-governmental, non-profit local organisation that addresses the causes and consequences of violence through a multi-disciplinary approach, including socio-economic services, prevention and education, advocacy and information, research, awareness raising and empowerment, vocational trainings, and long-term rehabilitation and reintegration to targeted population. 


PVPT staff has been working in anti-trafficking field, since January 2000 in affiliation with the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). Additionally, in November 2003 PVPT has been registered as an independent local organisation and in 2008, it opened the only rehabilitation center for victims of human trafficking in Kosovo.

Working fields:

  • Direct Assistance (Rehabilitation and Long-term Reintegration),
  • Prevention

Direct Assistance

In the Direct Assisstance field, PVPT has supported in total 837 beneficiaries as stated below:

  1. Crisis Shelter (2000-2007) – which provided a safe, warm and comfortable home, as well as healthy and productive living environment mainly for 552 international victims of trafficking who were referred to and accommodated in the Shelter before their repatriation.
  2. Rehabilitation and Reintegration Center (2008-ongoing) – which is constantly providing safe accommodation, long-term rehabilitation, socio inclusion and economic reintegration to 285 victims of trafficking at low and medium level of risk, (local, foreign, minor, adult), presumed victims of trafficking and children at risk of trafficking.

PVPT’s Rehabilitation Center/Shelter is the only semi-opened Center in Kosovo, licensed in the national level to provide residential and daily program for victims of trafficking.


In the prevention field, PVPT has diversified and expanded its activities since 2002 to also raising awareness of youth, teachers, parents, journalists, government officials and NGOs’ representatives, through different forms of awareness raising activities. Till today, PVPT Center has succeeded in organizing a certain number of training sessions with over 15000 participants from all regions of Kosovo.

PVPT’s prevention program is accredited by MEST for capacity building of teachers for early identification of potential victims of trafficking.

Contribution and cooperation of PVPT Center with ANTI-Trafficking Stakeholders

 PVPT is a member of the following coalitions/groups:

Central level                                              National level                                                 Local level

-Inter-Ministerial Group,                  – Child Protection Coalition,                           – Task Force for children,

-Direct Assistance Partners.             – Kosovo Women Network (KWN).                        victims of abuse.

PVPT has contributed and continues to contribute, at the central level, to the development of many important official policies/regulations/documents in Kosovo, such as the National Anti-Trafficking Strategies, Standard Operating Procedures, Transnational Referral Mechanism, and Minimum Standards of Care for the Victims of Trafficking in Kosovo.

Moreover, PVPT operates in close cooperation and partnership with the following institutions: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Ministry of Justice and other local and international organisations which provide direct assistance to VoTs and combat trafficking in human beings in Kosovo.