Through the support of Moving Forward project, the grantees from the project grant scheme to support trafficking victims in Kosovo participated in the national anti-trafficking campaign in October/November 2018 through activities within each of the project of grantees.   

These are some of the selected activities that were held in the month long campaign:

One of the grantees from the grant scheme of the Moving Forward project, the Center for Art and Community – Artpolis, together with the youth of Gjilan municipality, as a part of the anti-trafficking campaign produced the theatre play “I’m not for sale”. The organisation employs Forum Theatre, or social theatre, where following the themes shown within the play, audiences afterwards are encouraged to ask questions and debate on the issues presented. In this case the story of the play revolved around trafficking, with situations developed together with youth, aimed at raising the awareness of audiences on real life risks related to trafficking. The hall where the play was shown was packed with young pupils, and debates were engaging, moderated by the project team.  For more information and photos from the play, please visit the Facebook page of the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/214772969424241/

Qeliza Gjakova Network  held a workshop with high school students within the project “Socio-Economic and Psychosocial Strengthening of Victims of Trafficking and Potential Victims of Trafficking”.  The workshop was held at the Secondary School of Economics “Kadri Kusari” in Gjakova, where discussions were held with students on trafficking risks and how to avoid them.

Women’s Centre in Gjilan held a round table discussion with the main focus on  trafficking issues and risks in the Gjilan municipality.